It’s definitely more difficult to earn trust BEFORE a sale.

When someone doesn’t know you, it can be challenging to convince them to give you a chance.

That’s where case studies come in.

Case studies help build credibility, establish trust, validate your products and services, and educate prospective buyers.

In a study by the Harvard Business Review of 34 million interactions between buyers and content, case studies had a whopping 83% read-through rate (that’s higher than any other type of sales or marketing content).

Dimensional Research reported that 90% of buyers who read positive customer success stories said it influenced their buying decisions.

Prior to a sale, case studies can be used to attract B2B buyers.

When prospects are in the early stages of the buying process, they are evaluating how your solution matches their needs, how your solutions can help alleviate their pain.

Give your buyers what they want most—real-world evidence that your products and services will work for someone like them.

Give them a true story they can believe in.