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Bio—short and sweet

Kate writes case studies that turn your clients’ successes into irresistible stories that sell. She has distilled 17 years as a marketer, copywriter, and designer to create her Case Study Method that has one end goal in mind for you… more sales.

Bio—longer, but still sweet

Kate is a copywriter who partners with B2B companies by turning customer successes into their most powerful sales and marketing tool. One thing Kate noticed was that although there are many great copywriters out there, few specifically focus on case studies. After working with hundreds of companies to develop their marketing content, she realized that they all face a similar problem—they aren’t taking advantage of their most valuable asset—satisfied customers. By specializing in case studies, Kate was able to create her Case Study Method that has one end goal in mind for you… more sales.

Sample questions for Kate

  1. What steps should you follow when writing a case study?
  2. What are the building blocks of a successful case study?
  3. How can you effectively use case studies?
  4. Why are interviewing techniques and framing critical to the quality of your case studies?
  5. What are common mistakes when writing case studies?
  6. What types of questions should you ask clients when interviewing them?

Facts about Kate

  • I’m a die-hard trail rider (horses & off-road motorbikes)
  • I’m a U.S. born+Canadian+Brit story geek who lives in North Georgia
  • I’m a Flamenco guitarist, artist, and tea drinker-ist
  • I’m a falconer (someone who trains and flies birds of prey)
  • My favorite weather is wind, rain, and a chance of thunderstorms

More words from Kate:


Physical Location:

Under the shadow of Mount Yonah in North Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains