The best speakers, writers, and business leaders are storytellers. By adding regular, thought-provoking and insightful case studies (customer success stories) to your sales and marketing process, you’ll be able to fast-track your way to becoming a successful leader in your niche. 

Case Study Writing Services

I'm here to help you land and close more deals by turning the successes of your happiest clients into stories that sell and compel. My services are for you if:

  • You are an established B2B company 
  • You have products or services that are expensive, complex, or risky
  • You have new products or are expanding into new markets
  • You're in a very competitive market
  • Your sales team needs collateral that helps overcome objections before they arise
  • Your marketing team is flat-out busy
  • You have high demands for content marketing
  • Your existing case studies are weak or aren't working
  • Your marketing materials lack the power of storytelling
  • You have a desire to build your credibility and increase authority

On our initial call, we'll discuss your business, products, and clients and decide what makes the most sense for you, your goals, and your budget. 

71% of B2B buyers cited case studies as the most influential types of content(hawkeye Study)


If you don’t have someone to design your case study, I can produce a magazine-style "feature story." The design, featuring descriptive headline, subheads, and pull-quotes. will be delivered as a high-res PDF available for immediate use. Your company’s logo, colors, and your featured client's logo and head shot can also be included. Design fees are quoted separately.

Other services available to leverage your case study:

  • Infographics (enhance your content strategy and extend your reach with one of the top tools for content marketing)
  • Case study sales slides (give your sales teams the tools they need to present & sell. Can also be used internally for sales training)
  • Social media graphics (reach your audience where they hang out—they will click, read and share)
  • Blog posts (highlight a specific challenge your client overcame and then we'll use the case study to show how these issues were solved with your solutions)
  • Landing page copy (compels your leads to opt-in, engage, and convert)
  • Email copy (inspire your audience to read your latest case study)

By 2020, 85% of customers interactions with brands will take place without speaking with a human.

Availability is Limited

I only work with a few clients at a time.

Case studies start at $1500. For each product or service featured in the case study, there is also a one-time fee of $295 for onboarding research. You pay this once per product or service, regardless of how many case studies it appears in.

To get started, you'll want to click that big, red "Book a Call" button.

We'll speak 1-on-1 to discuss your goals, and the outcomes you're looking for. Then, together, we'll decide on the options that best fit your needs.

Availability is “first come, first served” so the sooner you respond, the sooner you will have the tools you need to begin taking your sales and marketing to the next level.