I’m sure everyone treats their paying customers and potential buyers with respect, but what about everyone else?

I’m relatively new to engaging on LinkedIn and am in sponge mode: learning and observing. The posts I enjoy most are those where people are treated with integrity and respect, that provide thought-provoking content, offer value and insights, and are inclusive of others.

Here are a few specific opportunities I’ve noticed on LinkedIn, where I can go out of my way to be respectful:

  • Salespeople who reach out to me (even if it’s awkward or salesy)
  • Unsolicited connection requests
  • Comments that are contrary to my ideas and opinions

How we treat others is a reflection of who we are.

Someone could be a salesperson today and a customer, vendor or investor tomorrow. They’ll remember how you treated them.

By treating everyone like our best customer, we are opening the door to potential partnerships, new friendships, deeper relationships, interesting conversations, and undiscovered opportunities in the future. Plus, great stories come out of great experiences!