Case studies can go far beyond sales and marketing.

If used rightly, they can be an opportunity to strengthen 💪 bonds with your top customers.

What can you do for your customers after a case study is produced (besides putting it to work for you)?

There are hidden opportunities you may be missing.

Let’s take a look behind the scenes:

● Your customers picked you because they believed in you
● They have an interest in your continued success
● They see you as an expert—you helped them reach key goals

What do you think your customers value most? Hint: It’s not offering incentives for participation (b/c that’s awkward).

Besides your solutions, the one thing customers value most is increased access to you. 👈

According to HBR, “The most effective way to maximize customer value is to…connect with customers at an emotional level…such as a desire to feel a sense of belonging, to succeed in life, or to feel secure.”

Here are a few ideas:

● Set up a 1-on-1 call with your customer and senior leadership (they’ll love the individualized attention)
● Share your products and services roadmap to deepen their level of involvement
● Share insights and updates on new developments and trends

What are some ways you can reward customers for their loyalty, participation, and advocacy?